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After spending several years working on my thesis for the degree of Doctor in Education at King’s College London, I have set up this website to share my thoughts on how an interactive whiteboard may enable more interactive classrooms and help collaborative learning among teachers. The site also has links to papers I have written on interactive whiteboards and mathematics, links to books and CD-ROMs I have edited and co-authored, and further information about educational projects I have worked on. A future development in the pipeline is ‘Maths for Minis’ to help parents help their child with maths.

If you would like to download a copy of my thesis or other papers, either by chapter or in full, you can do this from the Thesis & Papers page. The thesis is available for download in PDF format.

Further background information about me, including my CV, work history and some of the educational projects I have been involved in can be found on the About page of this site.

A complete list of the educational software and books that I have authored can be found on the Software & Books page together with links to the publishers’ websites and commercial sites where these can be purchased.

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